Saturday, October 18, 2014

God Misquoted?

This morning's Daily Breeze (A section, page 3) carried a news item about a local pending election.  Essentially, there are three Democrats and one lone Republican all vying for the vacant seat  left when its former owner went to prison for three months for perjury and voter fraud - he didn't live in the district he represented.

One of the Democrat candidates has dropped out, telling press that he didn't want to contribute to "a bitter fight between the Democrats and the black caucus."  Huh?  Didn't the white caucus have anything to say?  Oh, that's right -- we don't have one.

I am appalling ignorant of Biblical matters (and let me stay that way, please) but I'm reasonably sure God said, "Love one another."  I don't think He said, "Love some of the others."

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