Monday, October 13, 2014

A Sudden Strong Suspicion ...

That our pets are much smarter than previously thought. 

If you read this column yesterday, you will recall that I was desperately searching for a way to wake up and not start shouting before I opened my eyes.

This morning was ... strange.  It was eerily serene upstairs - the kind of a serenity seen in the smile of the young widow as the coffin containing her late, very rich husband slides in the crypt.    I swear it was as if they'd read yesterday's blog!  And consequently were laying  low.  Can animals go online?  And read?

If so, here's what I think could have happened.  Lady Bird, the cockatiel flew over and lifted the laptop lid.    It should be noted that she lives in a large cage and every door in it is twist-tied shut.  Yes, another mystery!  Mysteries upon mysteries...

Laptop lid open, the cats start to work.   "Pull up yesterday's column" shrieks one of the seniors.  "Lemme see, too!" says Fred as he tries to wriggle in between the two of them in front of the computer.

Streak hissed (quietly) at him - habits are hard to break.

They read the ad for a wrangler, collectively shuddering.  They looked at each other and probably thought, "This is not a good thing for us.  Yet another stranger in the house (the two seniors cast level gazes at poor Fred.)  Let's try to accommodate her tomorrow morning.  She's dangerous with that spray bottle." 

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