Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's Only a Matter of Time

Before another U.S. President is assassinated.  So says Ronald Kessler in his newest addition to his previous 17 books about the Secret Service and the FBI.

"The First Family Detail - Secret Service Agents Reveal (editor - dish on) the Hidden Lives of the Presidents"  Crown Forum   258 pages   $26

Kessler pads his tale with previously disclosed tidbits such as Amy Carter was totally spoiled and a real brat.  On Air Force 1, she would take an open snack sack, crumble the contents and pour it on the floor, with her eyes daring the agent to say anything.

Jenna and Barbara Bush were Twin Troublemakers who delighted in  escaping their protection.  Chelsea Clinton was considered very nice, unlike her parents.  Hillary's agents considered duty with her as punishment and Bill's detail quickly grew tired of sexist remarks and speculation about a woman's... availability and frat house behavior.

New material includes the agents dislike of Michelle Obama for forcefully encouraging her husband to be more aggressive attacking Republicans and to always side with blacks in racial controversies.
Joe Biden's penchant for swimming nude in front of female agents is well-known but not this.  When in his hometown in Delaware, the agents carrying "the football" (nuclear attack response)  are told to stay at  minimal one mile from his car.  In the event of a nuclear attack while Biden's got the bomb, we'd all be killed avers Kessler.

It's an interesting enough read, but having read a previous tome, I'd have to say, "Read if you must, but keep a grain of salt handy while you do. 

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