Monday, October 6, 2014

$297 For A Plane Ticket to Nowhere?!

Your ticket is just a chance to return to the fun days of flying; when passengers dressed up to fly and stewards - male and female - were not only courteous but friendly enough to go a little bit out of their way to ensure that a passenger had everything needed for a pleasant flight.  I still remember the well-stocked newspapers and magazines cart. 

Today, if you didn't bring a newspaper, magazine or book, you're coldly told, "Shoulda got one in the terminal." 

"Yes, well, nostalgia is all very nice, but where are you going with this?"

A man named Anthony Toth has spent the last 20 years putting together an authentic copy of a 1970s Pan Am 747 cockpit and  cabin space - First and Main.  He kept running out of space and has finally moved in recently to a hangar in Pacoima in partnership with Air Hollywood, a firm that specializes in renting plane equipment to the industry.  

Today the firm is up and running and the meticulous attention to detail is now earning its keep. 

"Passengers" are greeted by uniformed ($1,000 per uniform ) Pan Am crew and ushered on to the "plane."  Everything is authentic (and once flew)  from the linen  napkins, glassware and plates.   

It's $267 for a seat in the main cabin and $297 to ride in the lounge up top.  Cocktails, a five-course dinner (rumors of Russian caviar alert!) and socializing afterward.  Included in the ticket prices is a tour of the facility which houses the cabin from the 2011 film "Bridesmaids" and the cockpit from the 1980 classic, "Airplane." 

In this case, photos really can do more than words.  Visit  for a preview of the non-flight to nowhere.

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