Saturday, October 11, 2014

Planning A Bonfire of Vanity Fairs

Vanity Fair  arrived yesterday and it is slightly more interesting than usual.  If you are not a reader, allow me to explain the magazine's format:  let us now laud movie stars, designers, artists and writers no one ever heard of and go after the wanna bes with articles listing the 50 richest women or top 100 socialites, etc.

The editor is a man named Graydon Carter, who is a transplanted Canadian who never finished either of the two universities he attended.  The most notable thing about him is his hair - long, combed straight back with little wings on either side - which is the same color as George Washington's whom he strongly resembles.  Googling him provided the information that he is on his third wife which surprised the hell out of me.  I figured he was gayer than a Christmas tree - not that there's anything wrong with either thing.

Even more surprising to the discerning is the fact that he claims to be a libertarian while 11 issues out of 12 make much ado about the benevolence of Democrats along with fulsome praise.  If that's libertarianism, color me gone.  

Anyhow.  From the November issue:

"My Stuff" is a look through rich/famous peoples' closets - including underwear and sheet brands (a high thread count is absolutely mandatory.)  This is actually a very thinly disguised ad page.

"Hot Tracks" features Bryan Ferry, formerly of Roxy Music.  He has adult sons named Tara, Isaac, Merlin and Otis.  MERLIN?!

"Beauty"  Estee Lauder is launching a new facial skin rejuvenator in paired bottles.  The gold vial is black diamond truffle elixir (their word) infused with 24-karat gold.  The platinum vial holds fine-spun South Sea pearl dust.     4360

"The Social Network" feature is a book called "The Social Climber's Bible:  A Book of Manners, Practical Tips and Spiritual Advice for the Upwardly Mobile"  A free tip - Coco Chanel advised to dress as you wish to be perceived, but the authors upped the ante by adding that social climbers should look like they belong ANYWHERE.

A new book of photos of the Rolling Stones is coming (552 pages) with a limited edition to be signed by all four of them.  Hurry and get that now before they're all dead.  The jury has been out for some time about whether or not Charlie Watts is still with us. 

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