Monday, December 16, 2013

Worst Fears Confirmed

The characters on A & E's "Duck Dynasty" show are real.  I will pause and let you absorb this ghastly thought.

I would never have heard about these duck people if it weren't for the Sunday NY Times book review which has been listing "Si-Cology 101" for a long time.

When it popped up in front of my nose at the library, I checked it out.  I shouldn't have.

Si Robertson and Mark Schlabach have a romping good time, shoveling out the platitudes, cliches and stupid-isms of the so-called Redneck Tribe.  Si is a treasure chest of horrible, ancient jokes with which he lauds himself, presuming to be the biggest wit in the room.  He's about half right.

Blowhard, braggart, falsely modest - step right up and pick your cliche!  Uncle Si is happy to provide it.

If you have to winter in a duck blind to avoid this book - DO IT.

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