Thursday, December 26, 2013

Giving Annie Chun A Facelift

Annie Chun is the label for a variety of boxed Asian products - soups include miso, spicy Szechuan, Chinese chicken or garlic-scallion.  Oh!  and I'm still a writer, not a plastic surgeon but what the hey!  It's almost the New Year - new beginnings!

I bought a box of her miso soup some time and didn't really like it for aesthetic and flavor reasons.  I thought it could have had a deeper, fuller flavor and, oh, by the way, leave out those green stringies when the soup is cooked. 

Pressed (as we all were) by the holidays and wanting something "Asian" to eat, I forgot the previous experience and bought a box of miso.  This time though I fluffed Annie Chung up so much as to unrecognizable.  Here's how I did it - Ignore the label instructions on how to prepare it.

Get a small pot, dump in 1 cup of water and put in the noodles.  Let that begin to heat up and then add the spice mixes that come with it.  Keep heating ... but now add a generous swath of cayenne pepper across the top and a T of sesame oil.  Perks it right on up. 

And remember, Annie (if I may be so bold):  Powder (cayenne) and paint (sesame oil) make you what you ain't!  

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