Monday, December 2, 2013

Works for Swordfish and Salmon - Good Enough for Me!

Since the only fish I eat is canned tuna, when I fix "real fish" for Richie, I have no idea what the fish tastes like so am at rather a loss for the proper seasonings.

In the past, he has happily eaten:  well peppered, sautéed in olive oil with the skillet deglazed with lime juice.

But a conversation with the butcher at our local supermarket gave me a new idea.  It was swordfish and the guy and I were joking around while I looked at the fish package.  I said, "It looks more delicate than other, darker fish."  This was so, he said.  Thinking aloud, I asked - "So, whatya  think about sesame oil ... and deglazing the skillet with white balsamic vinegar?" 

He grinned and said, "What time is dinner?"

I tried it and Richie said it was delicious (quite possibly because I cooked dinner that night.) 

Tonight I tried it with salmon and Richie and "Raffish" both liked it. 

Apparently using sesame oil gives the fish a "deeper" flavor and the white balsamic adds a touch of sweetness.  Probably because it is sweeter than the usual balsamic. 

My tasting board has agreed, so go for it!

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