Friday, December 20, 2013

A Professional-looking Garage Sale

This is one of the nitpicking types of things one can do that completely escapes me.  It wouldn't even occur to me!

"What's she nattering on about?" you ask.  The Garage Sale Kit which includes:
6 large fluorescent signs, directional arrows along with price stickers, inventory list, tip sheet and a marking pen.  Cost for all of this splendor?  $7.00

Who is selling them?  Our weekly throw-away newspaper.  Makes sense doesn't it?   Printing a newspaper/printing "Garage Sale" on a sign - both are (technically) printing.

But it's a type of thinking that distantly alarms me ... what's coming next?  Putting up aisles in your garage and sorting what you're selling into categories? 

No, don't!  Half the fun of a garage sale is "finding" funny stuff (and quietly wondering in your own head why anyone ever paid cash for it.)

Save the random-ness of garage sales!   

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