Sunday, December 8, 2013

Different Strokes

I have often noticed the difference between a male's idea of "funny" and a females which is often "How ridiculous" to the male's idea of a joke.

Cases in point:  This morning Richie asked me, "Why did the banana go to the hospital?"  I just looked at him.  "Because he didn't peel good!" (roars of laughter on his part.)

He then asked, "What did the lawyer wear to court?"  I slit my eyes and waited.  "His law suit, of course!"

Yesterday a male sent "the best beer joke ever!" which was:  about 10 guys and 10 kegs gather around the opening to an absent friend's crawl space, underneath his house.  They proceed to connect the kegs to all of the water pipes there so that when the guy goes for water (for whatever reason) all that comes out is beer!

All I could think was, "What a waste of beer, time and energy."  Plus you'd have to flush the pipes after the kegs are disentangled from the house pipes...all to amuse a group of frat types with more time than money on their hands. Or brains in their heads. 

That's not funny.

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