Monday, December 9, 2013

Death Cuts In On Dancing Duo

The gaiety at the Jazz Club dimmed when Paul Goldman, president of the South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club, announced the death of Bernie Petitjean.

Petitjean, born November 1, 1925, died on November 23, 2013 while being treated in a hospice for dementia.  He leaves his wife Lu (previously misspelled as "Lou") two daughters and a son and their various spouses and children. 

He was an active member of this jazz group since 1985 as well as other groups throughout the locale.  As a reflection of his interest in jazz, his immediate family was present yesterday and provided refreshments to the members present.

Petitjean was an aviation mechanic in World War 2; went four years to an art school and then began working at TRW.  He was a member of the Sierra Club.  During 20 years with that group, he climbed more than 500 mountains.

After retirement, he and Lu visited 43 countries.

The family and the widow received condolences - when she wasn't out on the dance floor. 

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