Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Pop-Out Yacht

I think all of us have seen the RV trailers with a side section that pops out?  Now there is a yacht that splits wider (when parked at the dock only.)  We saw an infomercial on it at the Hangar Inn whence we had gone to celebrate finishing the Christmas shopping with a beer.  I demurred, "Richie, it's 2:10 in the afternoon!"  Richie argued that it would be almost criminal not to celebrate such a time-honored tradition.

The bartendress and I were the only females in the place and not finding the gentlemen's conversation to be of much interest, I turned my attention to one of the TVs behind the bar.  

My eye was caught by a shot of a sleek speedboat, roaring through an ocean, followed by a rooster tail of spume.  "This is pretty," I thought.  

But when the boat was shown docked and the sides of the top deck began to extrude from the boat, my eyes really popped.  Up rose a complete bbq set-up, lounges slid into view -- there was more "stuff" going on there than a half-price sale at Nordstroms. has a great many more details to show you than the bits of information I gleaned at the bar.  The boat is made of all aluminum with a complicated dashboard with the various functions/possibilities of the yacht to expend, shrink back into itself, all of which can be keyed to operate singly.

The boat comes in 32 ft. or 42 ft. or 150 ft.  lenghts.  The 32 ft. costs $1.4 million and is manufactured in Italy.  Tilli Antonelli is the co-founder of  

Too bad we'd finished all of the Christmas shopping when we saw it.  It would definitely be a major conversation piece - until the hydraulic system broke down ...     

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