Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Softly-Spoken Word of Warning

Both local Christmas tree lots opened over the weekend.  We've already seen several cars with Christmas trees carefullly tied on the roof. 

But after reading several sites on tree safety, I can tell you that it's a better idea to buy the freshest tree you can find and put it up only days away from Christmas and dispose of it as quickly as is feasible after. 

It's critical to keep a fresh tree watered.  When you get it, cut additional slits in the wood below the water level of your container.  This helps the tree "drink" more.  And check the water every day.

If you have tree lights, keep a small fire extinguisher near the tree.

Usually, paper-wrapped gifts are piled under the lit branches.  A better idea might be to fire retard a Christmas tree skirt, spread it under the tree -- and stack the gifts in a pile away from the tree.

Experts recommend LED lights as they are cooler to the touch and do not use as much electricity.

Never go away and leave the tree lighted!  If you're going out for dinner or to bed, TURN OFF THE CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS.

One in three home Christmas fires are caused by "electrical problems."

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