Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Christmas Letter Provides an Unexpected Insight

You either love'em or hate'em.  There seems to be no middle ground.  I love them because I enjoy hearing what others have been up to all year long.  Travel destinations, vacations taken, family achievements (although this can be overdone - to retaliate one year, I wrote that both cats had graduated summa cum laud from UCLA)

A glimpse away from your own navel is good for you.

I looked at my 2013 calendar to see if we'd done anything particularly interesting... the annual Hermosa Beach plant and bakery sale?  Except for the lemon cookies, nothing exceptiional. 

The Thurs. Writers (southbaywritersworkshop.com) had just celebrated our annual Christmas luncheon and the June Summer Solstice Pot-luck Picnic was a vague memory.

Where all did we go?  And that's when I discovered that we tend to travel in bunches.  First week in April we went to New York for six days, visiting Richie's family.  April 23rd we were in Cabo San Lucas. 

Then we flew to Las Vegas (never doing that drive again - never!) for Labor Day at the invitation of dear friends Red and Barbara, her sister Nancy and her husband, Billy.  We flew home Tuesday and Saturday we were on a flight to London.

Both of these trips were made easy because of clothes, believe it or not.  Summer clothing in Cabo and Las Vegas; winter (more or less) in New York and London.

Maybe there's a method to our madness? 

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