Friday, December 13, 2013

Pretentiousness - I'm Agin It!

There are new entries in the race to be considered avant-garde.  The newest  must have for artists comes from the Institute for Art and Olfaction of downtown Los Angeles.  The function of this elevated title Institute is to provide appropriate aromas  to go with paintings.   Heavy floral scents for a painting of a vase of flowers... an intensification the perfumers claim.  

An example is the planned series of 10 big billboards on the 10 Freeway.  (My guess would be on the way into Palm Springs.)

All well and good.  This work is entitled "Manifest Destiny" (talk about pretension) and will illustrate territorial expansion, i.e., Going West.  The accompanying perfume will contain "notes of leather, dust, sweat and jasmine." 

Consider this:  traffic on the I-10 is going, on average, 80mph; out in the desert it's hot so the windows are up and the air conditioner is on.  No one is going to smell anything except the interior of their own vehicles. 

Further I wonder if the residents will rise up and disconnect the scent dispenser?  It is windy in the desert and the "aroma" could go anywhere on any given day.   After all the people that live there aren't "going West" they're already there!

It's all too pretentious for me. 

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