Monday, December 23, 2013

Tinsel On The Living Room Rug

This worked out well for dinner last night.  I managed to almost duplicate #68 on the Phuket Thai menu.   It's shrimp in Thai yellow curry sauce and it is awesome!  Just the right amount of heat plus cool things like ginger, coconut milk and so forth.  As it happens Trader Joe sells bottles of it and  we had shrimp on hand.

However many shrimp you have, clean them and sauté them in butter or substitute.  When the shrimp are all pink, dowse them good with the sauce and give the dish a good, hard shake of cayenne pepper!  The pepper makes the dish. 

Fancy fingerlings ...  Fingerling potatoes are the ones that actually look like fingers (if you were drunk or otherwise impaired.)   Bon Appetit suggests that you halve them lengthwise, toss them in olive oil with chopped fresh rosemary and bake at 450 (Whoa, Nellie - that's a hot oven.)   Give them a toss or two while they're cooking.

Then when you serve them, garnish them with very thin strips of preserved or real lemon! 

Doesn't sound good to you?  What about using curry powder to season them and then chopped cashews and cilantro when you serve it  

Or how about using oregano (dried or fresh) and garnishing with feta cheese?

Use half carrots and half fingerlings, toss them with butter instead of olive oil and serve with a dash of Aleppo pepper. 

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