Saturday, December 14, 2013

O How the Swells Prance and Swirl Haughtily Around Us...

"Swells" are generally thought to be better dressed, possibly better educated (but not often) people who have money and no shame about flaunting it.

And their homie magazine is Town & Country which this month offers several sommeliers  talking about how they serve champagne.  Caviar and champagne or icy vodka and champagne?  My dear, how very five minutes ago.  Let us collectively bring you up to cruise speed in the champagne aisles of this great country.

Laura Maniec, owner, Corkbuzz Wine Studio:  Roederer Estate Anderson Valley Brut  to accompany crispy French fries.  The rest of us can hit McDonald's for ours.

Juliette Pope, wine director, Gramercy Tavern:  Ceci La Luna Lambrusco paired with the off-menu Gramercy Park bacon cheeseburger.  The rest of us proles can just get a Big Mac to go with our fries.

Dennis Kelly, sommelier, the French Laundry:  Bollinger Special Cuvee:  with truffled popcorn!  Is it possible to get any more twee?  More chi-chi?

And, finally, the guy who confounded me:    he has created his own little version of surf and turf.  He serves a course of grilled crab and grilled licorice stick!

What the very hell?  The only licorice sticks I remember seeing were the long, snaky whips at the penny candy store.  You want to really make a mess, put a couple across a roaring barbecue pit.

It turns out that licorice sticks can be eaten like raw sugar cane.  I have to wonder if the crab is cooked over a bed of licorice sticks or if it is grilled on its own to be chawed at the table or what.  If any of you have dined with Richard Geoffrey, chef du cave, Dom Perignon and he served it - please advise!

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