Thursday, September 30, 2021

Do You Struggle With "Dad jokes"?

Half of the time I either don't get them or don't think they're funny.  Which is, apparently , their job in life.  Here is a sample that popped up in this morning's 

Welcome to Plastic Surgery Anonymous - I see a few new faces this week.

If you believe your microwave is spying on you; your vacuum cleaner has been gathering dirt on you for years.

What do you call a short woman?  A minimum.  Large?   Maximum.

I wondered what my parents did before there was the internet - none of my 15 brothers and sisters knew either.

The waitress asked the diner, "How did you find your steak?"  "It was right next to the potato." 

"I like it when the Earth rotates.  It really makes my day."

I asked a lot of people "What is LGBTQ? and none of them could give me a straight answer"

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