Monday, September 20, 2021

It's Easy to Get Up in the Morning If -

If you're going to have Mexican lobster tacos for lunch.   We're doing just that with Dee.  Where? you ask?  Can I come, too?  

Sharky's, Hermosa Beach Pier is the spot and, yes, they celebrate Taco Tuesdays.  How great is this?  Buy one, get one free.  Look at it from another angle - where ya gonna find 50% off of lobster tacos?   

From their menu - 

Puerto Lobster Tacos - a single one is $6.25; if you're hungry and get the full meal, $13.99.  There's Ensenada Shrimp $4.25 single dose or $9.49 for rice and beans and God Only Knows.  

Vegetarians are not shunned - Cilantro rice 99 cents

Black or ranch beans                                    99

a side of guacamole $2

Onion Strings $4.75 and well worth every penny.

Sweet corn salsa or roasted corn salsa  Both 99 cents 

I can hardly wait I love lobster - Maine or Mexican slipper lobster.  A brief on lobster stories:  In case you don't know, Baja that well- between Rosarita Beach and Ensenada there is a modest little place called Lobster Village and they aren't kidding.  Every corner with a restaurant has a barker out front cajoling, urging to come where the good lobster are.  There is pretty much just one format for serving and what is served.  Join me - a large platter of lobster just off of the mesquite-fired barbecue.  A family-sized bowl of re-fried beans,  a pile of tortillas for ease of eating and handling. and I seem to member something green and salad-y but can't remember what the hell it was.  Fiesta was the general air there.

Tomorrow we will tackle my cousin, Doug, and the Lobster Pig.  Which you will find is him.


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