Friday, September 3, 2021

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

Keep what you do say as kindly as you can. 

Thus, notes on a dinner at

Seaview Bistro, 1420 W 25th Street, San Pedro, CA.

The occasion was a belated birthday celebration for Mouton who chose the place according to tradition.  Birthday Person picks the place.  

The place is tucked away in a corner of a mall and there was no glimpse of anything other than the parking lot out front.  And you had to be out on a spacious and drafty patio in front to even see that.  .  I ordered French Fries for the table with our drinks - flutes of champagne from a bottle I bought ($24)

  They were billed as "lemon garlic" but as there was no hint of either flavor, don't believe 'em,   The men ordered the evening's special a collection of shrimp in a red spicy sauce over pasta.    All three of them ate them right up.  They liked them!  The specials  were $81 for three guys. 

The server's were quite nice.  The entire staff came out from the kitchen to sing "Happy Birthday" to our honored dignity.  On tune, too!

I hope to have a much more positive report next Friday after next Thursday's lunch at Nick's at the old Metlox Pottery site in Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach Blvd and Valley. Check out their menu.  We members of the South Bay Writer's Workshop will be honoring Mo's birthday.  Her newest book will soon be in your book stores; more of which later.  

Found the Seaside Bistro bill

The (No) lemon, garlic, Spicy Fries $6.50

Homemade onion rings (again with our drinks) and they got snapped right up  $5.50

Including food and drinks and the Champagne at $24 our tab came to $170 plus tip and the guys tip in cash.

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