Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Earthquake

Us.  We were sitting in "our" chairs; Richie in his recliner and I in my armchair - when there arose such a clatter - oops it's not Christmas 

Earthquakes generally announce their  arrival by (I think) by starting far below the surface and as they move farther up, they get to the stuff that will rattle and by then shaking has become involved.

Happily though they rarely last long.  This scary event can take as little as 12 seconds.  Northridge some years ago was an exception.

Reactions included - my sister in Illinois where they have few earthquakes, who wrote, "Fun!"  They need more to do in Illinois.  Our friend Mouton said, "It felt like someone kicked the back of my chair" with which I would concur.  

The best part of this one (if possible) is that no injuries were reported and no damages either.    

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