Tuesday, September 21, 2021

In Which Cousin Doug Is Rendered Speechless

Some years ago, we told Doug and his wife Jacqui we were going back to see Richie's brother Charlie and his wife Rosalind and their sons on Long Island.  Charlie and the boys were and are all Bay Men, clam diggers all until Sean decided to become a lobsterman.  

At the time we all thundered onto the Island his business was booming.  He had restaurants buying and getting a good return on the cost of lobster trapping.  The boat's engine was a flat $20,000 to start.  Sean had built his own traps (as many as 25-30.) saving money.  

Can't remember if we got 1st flying in but I think we did.  De-planed and went straight to Hertz and picked up the car I'd reserved for us.  A big-assed Lincoln.  Doug's motto is "Go big or go home."  And I'd gotten us reservations at the Chalet Motor Inn, Centerport.  Since then they rehabbed it and it has fetching patios and tables and chairs and an enormous pool.  And is reasonably priced.

We took the train from Huntington into The City.  Parking is a nightmare and even if you get a spot in a lot, they're very expensive.  All in all, it's marginally cheaper to take the train - and it's one more item for Doug's list of "Things I did in New York" 

Doug had a list of things he wanted to see and do.  He wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge  and back just so he could say he had done it. 

None of us, however were prepared for the scene Doug gave us.  A wedding guest conclave was occupying the hotel parking lot, boom boxes at full blast, glass bottles of Budweiser tinkled gaily as they smashed on the concrete of the parking lot.  Screams of joy rang across it.  

Doug was furious and promptly dispatched himself to the manager's office to complain (with some heat.)  The manager didn't want any more trouble than he already had and turned Doug down.  This took nerve on his part because Doug was a big guy to start and being a Fire Chief didn't diminish his royal self.  As such he gave orders that were followed. Nervy manager.

Next morning new manager who obligingly gave him the room numbers of the offenders, all of whom got 4a.m. phone calls waking them up.  Courtesy of Doug. 

Part 2 tomorrow. 

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