Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Laughs

Jay runs "Sunday is Fun Day" a collection of puns, many of which are quite funny.  It hasn't come in yet today will apprise you then.

Meanwhile, I came across a favorite site on  It's the El  Arroyo, Austin, TX.  They're famous for their signs - a sample; see'em all at Panda

Introverts Unite!  Separately! In our own homes!

I just know I'll die trying to pet something I shouldn't  

I'm not aging like wine; I'm aging like milk - getting sour and chunky

The fact that I rejected napping as a child makes me sick

I'm so tired of babysitting my Mom's grandkids.

I need to teach my facial expressions how to use their inside voice.

Shout out to anyone who got thru today without a nap!  Pulling an all-day-er is tough!

Taken Two Ways?  (ed.)  I don't understand why people  have to "Get ready for bed" - I'm always ready for bed.


Procrastinators Unite - Tomorrow!

We wanted to be adults so bad - now look at us.

And lastly - Top Three Hard Things tp Say

1.  I was wrong; 2.  I need help  3.  Worcestershire Sauce 

Lovely sunny day - go out and enjoy it!

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