Monday, September 27, 2021

Medical Laughs

I recently had another ambulance ride - last Wednesday to be exact, the day we were promised lobster tacos and there they weren't, but what followed never happened before.   I had an appt. with a new neurologist, a woman - my old one had retired.  The appt. went uneventfully as far as they go and since I didn't mention her name I can say that she was zero help.  Walking to the elevators I had a sudden TIA attack.  Happily there was a bench right by the elevator and I sat down while Richie went back to the office to get her.  

She sent the nurse instead ,out to get me and seat me  in the exam office I'd just left.  Studying me, she said, "I'm going to call 911.  I was appalled.  What the hell!  Since her offices are right across the street from the ER for Little Co. of Mary before I knew it, here were 6 or 8, paramedics crowding her office.  All of the medical people concurred  and they strapped me onto the gurney and away we went.  

It was as rough a ride as I've ever had in an ambulance.  Evidence has never appeared to prove ambulances have any springs at all. The turns were rocky in the extreme and I asked the para nearest me, "Do these things ever tump over?"  He replied, "It's his first time driving." and I said, quietly, "It shows." and they howled like a pack of coyotes including the driver.  

The ER where they had put me in a cubicle was reasonably entertaining due to one man who periodically shouted and wailed.  He was located in the short hallway from outdoors to ER  He happened to have an outbreak when my Asian nurse heard him say, "Daddy why did you do it?" and she nodded wisely and said, "Ah yes, Daddy." 

Staff was trying to get me a bed and were having poor luck.  I spent the night in ER and was quite comfortable.  Both of our hospitals - Little Co. of Mary and Torrance Memorial were full.  I'd never seen that either.  Nor heard the vocally insistent man.  Next morning they released me into the wild and I went home, overjoyed to be there.

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