Tuesday, September 7, 2021

"Wake Up, Dammit!"

(Sound of a hearty slap) in this case to the cheek of Jean-Pierre Adams a former soccer star who would go on to lie in a coma for the next 39 years until he died September 6, 2021.  His wife Bernadette cared for him and would not even consider euthanasia. She and the couple's two sons, born well before the coma, were at his bedside when he (finally) died.

The cause of this prolonged nap was botched anesthetizing by a novice anesthesiologist.  He didn't come back due to ventilator ignorance which sucked oxygen out of his longs, not pump it in, thus giving him a bronchospasm depriving his brain of oxygen after what had been considered a minor knee surgery.

In digging around I was surprised to read that Evel Kneival lay in a coma for 29 days after his failed attempted jump over the Caesar's Palace fountains.  

Women can hang in there, too, as evidenced by Elaine Esposito who lingered for 37 years and 111 days. 

29 days seems a lot more reasonable than 29 years.  If you have to have a coma.

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