Thursday, September 23, 2021

Lobster Mania

Charlie and Rosalind's oldest son went from clamming to lobstering and boy did we benefit from this.   C and R invited us for dinner and all four of us were delighted.  Rosalind is a dab hand in the kitchen.  Her baked clams are of legend.  "Bring it on we gleefully shouted.  

While happily waiting for dinner, we loitered on their breezeway, a concrete space between the house and garage with comfortable padded chairs where there was a breeze!  Indian Summer can be hot and today had been.  We sipped our wines or beer and enthusiastically traded family gossip.  You've undoubtedly done the same at your family gatherings.  

Time flew by and before we knew it Rosalind was standing at the kitchen door calling us into dinner.  When we were seated, she put out a b i g platter of cooked whole lobsters.  She casually remarked that Sean had collected lobster traps today and here was some of the bounty.

Happily we began dissecting our lobs (East Coast reference term.) The room uncharacteristic with us fell silent save for a faint crackling sound of set-upon shells.  

Doug was vociferous through this anyhow - silence was wasted on him.  Rosalind, seeing his plate with only shells on it, promptly whisked the platter back and had refilled it.  Doug remarked that he didn't want to be a hog, but, damn! they were good.

Rosalind said, "Sean gave us 16 of them, for dinner tonight, so eat up!" Immediate praise rained down on him and Doug offered cash for his trouble which Sean refused.  

We were flying home the next day which this dinner  celebrated from several points of view.  Most certainly Sean's. 

As for Doug, it was the first story out of his mouth every time he recited what he'd seen and done.  "Can you imagine?  Sixteen!  Lobsters!"

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