Friday, October 1, 2021

What Took Him So Long?

From the front page of the Drudge Report - 127 year old man (finally) dies.  This amazing tidbit comes courtesy of his family in the 300- person village of Azefa located in Eritrea.  

Natabay Tinsiew's family claims that he was born in 1894 and  they went after the Guiness people to get him more recognition than just longevity.  The old 15 minutes of fame.  Easy to imagine "If you eat Product X "  

What were his secrets for that kind of longevity?  A nephew is quoted as saying, "Patience, Generosity and a Joyful Life (and God knows he had a long one..)   In 2014 the Village threw a celebration  for his 100th birthday.

There may have been some miscalculation about the 1894 since his church records  show that it was actually 10 years later.  If this is right, he was not 127.   Which is a helluva length of time anyhow.

                               Rest in Peace

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