Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Early 60's and A Rite Called "The Cocktail Party"

I was certainly not legal to participate,  but I went anyhow and so did my same agers.  Young, scared, shy the awfullest part was arriving. Everyone stopped to look you over and then, when you were trapped in some dismal corner some nice person would come over and start the litany:  "What's your name? (meaning what's your ethnic descent)  "What do you do?  Where do you work?" (meaning is this person worth my time?)  

And, finally "Oh, where do you live?"  (meaning even though you aren't very attractive, maybe at least you're rich. )  

In the late '60's I lived in Beverly Hills which is no better or no worse than most other places.  It always amused me to see the flicker of interest that my  address aroused in hearers.  Why?  Did a famous axe murderer live there previously?  Not at all.  The hottest TV show at the time was "Beverly Hills 90502."  My address was 425 N. Maple Drive, Beverly Hills 90502.  As of my last sighting - maybe a year or so ago, it was still standing and looked exactly as it always did.  

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