Friday, June 11, 2021

Bear Spray in Southern, California

I was reading an article (?) in this morning about Women's Safety and one of the things mentioned was advice not to wear your long hair in a pony tail - perfect tool for a bad guy to attack and win.  (I've called them rape handles for some time now.)  

If Mace is forbidden in your area, she writes, use hair spray or bear spray instead.  "Bear spray?" I wondered.  "My cousin in Anchorage could easily send me some but is there anyone here in the beach cities that carries  it?  I don't think many people in the immediate area have even heard of bear spray!  

So:  off to  Yes!  REI, the camping people - and they are right next door in Manhattan Beach!  Our supermarket is in MB but I've never seen the Bear Spray aisle.  This indicates to even a dullard like myself, they don't have one.   But ...Wal Mart and Home Depot carry it!  Apparently look to REI for the Repellent aisle.  

Prices range from $14.99 for Frontier brand spray and Wal Mart carries Mystery Bear for $17.49.  2 Guard Alaska is $72.99  But there are two cans.   While you reach for your purse, scan these other tips:

  Deterrents:  Your car's panic button - they easily wail through the garage and scare off a bad guy when suddenly this ungodly noise is wailing and railing right at them.   Walking through a deserted or not parking lot, hang up.  On the phone, concentrating on your conversation you're a sitting duck.  I was reminded by a well-meaning friend, that not everyone owns a car.  So - ask a friend with a car to hit it to give you an idea what it sounds like.  Why?  Because you are going to imitate that sound!  And you will know the peace of knowing that you have a deterrent right inside your very own body.  Still, you might look into the bear spray deal  - twice the protection - that kind of solid security.

Bear Spray is not recommended for homes with small children.

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Unknown said...

So no more pony tails but bear spray in my purse. Thanks for keeping me safe. Mo