Wednesday, June 9, 2021

- An Essay on Texas

By my Uncle Scrub, who lived in Wichita, KS  The several other brothers, did live in South TX in a little town named Tuleta.  It's not far from Beeville located in Bee County where the Dirks families pretty much ruled. (Dirks is their surname) Awl and their propensity for finding it.

Any how, I think Uncle Scrub was witty as hell.  See what you think. 

Texas. the Willian H. Taft, among the commonwealths, couples all of the continent of North America except for a small part set aside for the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Texas owns the north half of the Rio Grande, the only dusty river in the world, and one of the few rivers in the world with one bank wet and the other one dry.  and also the only one with the possible exception of the Trinity which is navigable for pedestrians and mud cats (which I think are catfish.)  

Texas is bounded on the north by 25 or 39 states:  on the south by the Gulf of Mexico and South America; and on the west the Pacific Ocean, the Milky Way and the Sidereal Universe.  If Texas was chopped loose from the rest of the United States and the Panhandle it would float out into the ocean for it rests on a vast subterranean sea of oil.  Underneath Texas they have been down 8,000 ft. and up in the air has Guadalupe Peak. 9,500 ft. above sea level, the highest hill in the US east of the Rockies.

Texas is so big that the people of Brownsville call Ft. Worth people Yankees and the citizens of El Paso sneer at the citizens of Texarkana as being snobs of the effete East. It is farther from Texarkana to El Paso than it is from Chicago to New York and Texarkana is closer to Milwaukee by airplane than it is to El Paso (try this on your Rand McNally)  The United States with Texas left out would look like a three-legged Boston Terrier.  

The chief occupation of Texans is trying to keep  from making all of the money in the world.

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