Monday, June 7, 2021

Fast Food

1921 - White Castle opens the first fast food hamburger stand in Wichita, KS.  Who knew from Wichita - I always associated Chicago with White Castle!  I remember great excitement when suddenly the super market was selling packages in their freezer.  

1937 - Another "Big Deal" was the sudden appearance of Krispy Kreme donuts which were lauded, ordered and eaten with a great deal of fanfare.  It was the lucky office that got a supply of them and thus, braggin' rights down there in Winston-Salem courtesy of a guy named Vernon Rudolph

1948  - Inn and Out opens.  Harry and Esther Snyder's hamburgers becomes the first drive-through hamburger stand in Baldwin Park which is in Californi I think but not positive as the article didn't put that bit in.  

Further scraps of  hamburger wrapper tomorrow - who is eating all of this, er, stuff  

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