Saturday, June 19, 2021

Help Crossing A Freeway for Wild Animals.

No idea who invented animal bridges, but my curiosity was triggered by a brief piece in this morning in an article on what makes Japan so interesting (weird)

They have turtle tunnels.  Over railroad tracks  As I mused, wondering if the Japanese eat turtle meat - I wouldn't put it past them.  They eat raw fish for God's sake!

I remembered that we have deer overpasses in the US and some parts of Canada.  Where else?

Match the country with the probable animal being protected :

Finland - Singapore - Alberta, Canada - Netherlands  -- Colorado - Australian crabs so they can migrate from rain forests to the ocean. - Germany - Kenya  - Belgium

BTW Deer Hunters:  Don't Ambush bridged wild animals.  Utterly UN-sporting.  And unasked I think the custom of keeping "deer feeders" on your property is barbaric  


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