Thursday, June 10, 2021

Texas is big

Bear with me - 

The chief occupation of Texans is trying to keep from making all the money in the world and at that the wealth of Texas increased 539% between 1900  and 1928.  At one time Texas was so wild that not even the law of gravitation was obeyed and the chief pursuit of the Texans was formerly Mexicans; but now it is crop records and Democratic majorities.  It is as healthful  in Texas that out in Eastland, a horned toad lived 30  years sealed in a cornerstone without food, air or water.

Texans are so proud of the Lone Star State they cannot sleep at night.  If a Texans head should be opened, the map of the State would be found in his brain.

The word "Texas" is of Indian origin and means "friends" and the Texas people are that way unless you take a slam at their state. 

If your front gate is not at least 18 miles from your front door, you do not belong to society  as construed in Texas   Down on the King Ranch ("Giant" in the movies) the front gate is 150 miles away from the front porch and the owner is thinking of moving the house back so as not to be annoyed by passing automobiles.  Other Texas landlords have whole mountain on their ranches, and one Texas rancher has 40 miles of navigable river on his farm.

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