Thursday, June 3, 2021

The 70s

"Can I freshen that drink for you? In the 70s no one cared about your last name, no one had an interesting job and where you lived was immaterial unless you were going to leave and do biblical intimacy.

No, the big one was:  what sign are you?  And the answer better be correct.  Just giving your basic birth sign evolved into not being enough.  The correct answer was detailed - such as "I'm a Taurus with a Sagittarius moon  and a Gemini rising."

Many of us who are "basic" Taurus were out of the park before the game began. Taurus is a dreadfully dull sign.

Now in the 80s graciousness abounds.  People open conversations with "We were just talking about (name of movie)  Have you seen it?  Oh, you did?  Wasn't the bit about (fill in)  fun?"  

People actually discuss the news!  Bur limit politics to something innocuous - "I hear we're getting a lot of rain voting day - do you think it will affect the voting? 

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