Monday, June 28, 2021

Idle Speculation; Random Posits

I wonder what happens to rescued children discovered in situations like this condo crash.  Do they forever have to be reminded of it?  "Yes, you are our little wonder baby!" and smothers the poor kid in wet kisses (Why being a kid can certainly be tiresome.)    And parties that remark the occasion. "It was just five years ago that - Pass the potato salad, Myrtle." 

RE: Falling buildings.  I didn't think of this until 5 minutes ago.  Las Vegas.  You want it to rain people?  There's your place.  I'm thinking of the Rio with it's 50-story glass elevator - what? so spectators can see the terror in (rapidly) descending passengers faces?  

Our man in San Diego has just written that the same construction firm built another building there and residents are being urged to evacuate.

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