Friday, June 18, 2021

Home Check From Home

Richie loves knowing what's the weather for the day where friends and family live.  It's an app on our phone and I love it now, too.

Libertyville, IL 79 degrees - my younger sister

Huntington, NY 84 degrees - Richie's brother 

Netanya Israel 77 - Sheila who sends greatly funny jokes

Loctudy, Bretagne France 70 my best friend Michelle and our godson and his Dad

Auckland 57 but it's 5 a.m. there so of course it's dark  John and Angie and their three kids (each one cuter than the one behind them.) 

Colne, Lancashire 61, mostly cloudy at 6 p.m.  John's parents.

We've visited all of the above and having done so, we can visualize them and and "see" them and what we did with everyone. 

Don't be a stay-at-home - get out and visit!

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