Monday, June 14, 2021

Playing With Your Dog

 During last night's viewing of the Westminster Dog Show, I noticed (belatedly as usual) mentions of "the official State dog of (State name_________" 

And that intrigued me.  So much that I wondered about the subject matter?  Lazily poking around I discovered that the official dog of South Dakota is ...the coyote!  That's either the most appropriate or a real slur on the denizens of So. Dak.  

Then I thought, "Go big or go home - what about whole countries!"  Viola!

China - Pug

France - French Bulldog

United States - Golden Labrador

Russia - Caucasian Shepherd dog

Australia and New Zealand - border collie (which by the way was also listed as smartest dog in the world.

Japan - Shibu Iwu 

England - English bulldog 

Germany - German Shepherd and I'd put them 2nd for smartest.  Ever seen a K9 working?

You can a very amusing time playing with the dogs.

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