Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tidbits Too Small to be Seen by the Human Eye

The roar of the grease paint... except today it will be the roar of race car engines through the house what with the Indy 500 and the NASCAR 600.  There is always a show-off who drives both of them; very dramatically being choppered to a private jet and wheels up!

I never covered either (as a freelance photographer) - my bragging rights are saved for Formula 1 at Bandol, France.  At least you get good food there.

So this blonde walks in to an airport...
"Raffish" our adopted nephew (Ladies - he's a medical doctor who is teaching doctorate-level human anatomy with a black belt, 3rd dan in karate and he's single - contact the writer for further details) flew to Okinawa for 10 days of karate training at a well-known dojo.

He lives in San Diego and has better flight choices out of LAX so he drives up and leaves his car in our driveway. 

Last night he was due in on a China Eastern flight.  Excitedly I tracked his flight and the posted arrival times which changed faster than a stock ticker.  I suffer from an obscure syndrome called "Must Be On Time" so as you can imagine I was all atwitter. 

The plane landed, I waited patiently (for me) and finally decided to call him since he had to be on the ground. 

The phone rang, a distracted voice kept yelling, "Who? Who?" and when we got that straightened out, I said, "So you must be on the ground by now - " and he said, "Huh?"  Figuring he'd had some major brain damage during training, I said, "Where are you?" (an attempt to see if he was oriented times four.)  "Here - in Okinawa." 

"OMG" I screamed, 'Hang up!  This will cost a fortune!"  He laughed.  We sorted it out (as diamond- encrusted phone minutes clicked by.)  He'd forgotten that he left on the 28th and (much like flights to Europe from here) landed the 29th. 

He'll call us when he's on the ground tonight.  Not last night.

This Worked Out Okay ...
We had leftover chicken cutlets so I made Chicken Divan the easy way.  Saute the chicken in butter in a skillet until it's done; add chopped deli ham (Black Forest in this case) and shredded Swiss cheese.  Put a lid on the pan, turn off the burner and wait until the cheese melts and serve.

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