Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bacon Jam and Other Matters of National Importance

Bacon Jam  I spotted it at Trader Joe's New Items stand and having read about it in various food magazines and even seen recipes for making it (too lazy) and immediately put a jar in my cart.

I asked the checkout guy if he'd tried it and he said it was good on a bagel.  I speculated  that it might make a good cheese quesadilla and he agreed.  Arriving home, I toasted an English muffin and tried it.  Despite the fact that "cooked Applewood-smoked uncured bacon" was the first ingredient listed which means that's what there is the most of in any container I couldn't taste anything but a trace of bacon.  To be truthful, it tasted like fig jam.  Instead of fig seeds, the little black dots could be cinnamon or clove or dark brown  which were also listed.

However I think you could make a better one by frying up a bunch of bacon to "crisp" then crushing it and mixing the ensuing powder with honey and salt and pepper and a dot of Liquid Smoke.

COMMENT:  I also came to the same conclusion about the bacon jam; didn't like it at all.   Florida Lady

Beer Takes a Patriotic Turn
Anheuser Busch wants to change their Budweiser brand name to "America" and add silver script reading "Land of the free and home of the brave" to the label.   I wonder if this is a political nod to Donald Trump and his blue collar supporters or what?  If you know or find out, let me know.  Our usual bar choice is a Stella, but as a supportive American, what the hell, gimme a Bud.

Someone Got It Backward
Today's news includes the information that US Department of Justice employees cobbled together $75,000 as a donation to Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Given her dicey legal positions re Benghazi, unsecured e-mails, whatever, shouldn't it have been the other way around?

Looking for a secluded island hideaway?
Now on the market - the late Prince's Providenciales island home with 10 bedrooms, two beaches and  a purple-painted driveway.  $12 million.  Gaping tourists unlikely, but thanks to the photos and story in the Daily Mail, the purple driveway makes it a snap to be found.  Tour buses are undoubtedly revving up even as I type.   

Ah, they grow up so fast, don't they?
Tween magazine is taking some heat for the article they ran for 8 year olds -" Find the perfect bathing suit for your body type!"  Am not a pederast, but even a cursory glance would tell the casual onlooker that girls AND boys of that age look pretty much the same.  Flat, bony chests and poochy bellies. 


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