Saturday, May 21, 2016


Huh?  New type of haiku?  A code of some kind?  Word association?  Nope, none of the above. 

The painters finished painting the house yesterday.  The walls are "Daisy,"   a cheery shade of yellow and the trim is "Calypso," a deeper, brighter blue green.  The upstairs bathroom will be painted "Passive," a very neutral shade of gray. 

Going through the paint samples fan, I wasn't paying much attention to the colors but when I had to tell the paint contractor what I wanted, I did.  When you find yourself seriously telling another person, "Yes, the Passive - 136-2C" you will begin to wonder if you sound as big a fool as you seem to yourself.

Curious I went to (two of the three painters were wearing Sherwin Williams t-shirts so the logical deduction was our color choices were for their paints.)

What a treasure trove of colors - better still divided into what was popular when, going all the way back to the 1830s!   Here's one from the 1880s - "Bunglehouse Blue." 

The 1980s were defined as "The Mauving of America" featuring mauve, blue and gray.  "Favorite Jeans" was one of the choices. 

In the '50s, pink and turquoise appliances were hot (but all I can remember is avocado green and a kind of dull yellow.)  The colors that accessorized were Pink Flamingo and Classic French Gray, in case you're thinking of going retro.

The copywriters at Sherwin Williams ran with the ball and some extremely fervid prose.  Sample for "Latin Zest." " Latin Zest encourages you to feel the sun on your face, the earth under your feet and the scent of rain forest on the breeze."

To which I might add:  "And the peyote running amok through your system." 

Of no real interest to anyone but me:  the above is the 2,500th blog I've written for a so-far total of 79,383 page views.  Thank you all!

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