Monday, May 9, 2016

The War I Missed

This morning I feel like I was in one, yet I don't remember it ... strange, right?  I think it was all of the (unaccustomed) walking I did. 

The four of us got to the Fullerton Amtrak station in good time and boarded the train when it arrived.  Amtrak is vigilant about staying on time and as the stations progressed down the line to San Diego, we often heard (sample) "Next stop Solano Beach - 30 seconds to detrain."  "Thirty seconds!" I gasped in terror, wondering how I could get my languid ass off the train that quickly.  I am handicapped, you know, and have the parking sticker to prove it.

Richie had a word with the conductor and I got up to wait for the door opening.  Raffish was there, Richie handed me off and away the train pulled for their stop - Downtown. 

The Old Town station is a popular one and Raffish, not having a handicapped sticker of his own, had had to park not far from Carlsbad (a previous stop.)  Undeterred, feeling spry, I rejected (politely) his offer to go get the car and walked it.  Once there, after climbing the Matterhorn that is the passenger side of his Jeep, we paused so I could gratefully inhale a cigarette.  Finishing it, I field stripped it (because I hate to litter) and Raffish gently chided me, saying that a homeless person would have enjoyed the butt! 

Then followed a discussion of the vast number of those  as we roared off to the restaurant.  According to Raffish,  they're imported from other states due to San Diego's fine climate. 

Peohe's seated us at a choice outside table and we ordered drinks - a Moscow Mule which came in the traditional copper mug ($12) and a Bloody Mary ($10) for me.  The garnish looked like a salad - two blue-cheese stuffed olives and a whole, pickled okra plus a wedge of lime on the glass lip.  We enjoyed Maui onion rings ($9.50)  with chipotle catsup and a soy honey sauce as we admired the view.

He ordered the shaved prime rib poor boy $15) which came with shoestring fries and dipping gravy and I ordered Eggs Benedict ($15).  Our food arrived in due time and poking at mine, I noted that I'd never seen ham that looked like that - definitely pink, cut in little cubes. The bite I took didn't have ham texture either.  Puzzled, I showed it to Raffish who began laughing.  It was salmon!  And it is well known among my associates that I Don't Eat Fish.     

With near-perfect timing, our server showed up at the very moment of this unfortunate discovery  and asked solicitously if all was to our liking?  I gently told her what the difficulty with mine was   and she instantly volunteered to take it back, but as it was Mother's Day and they were doing a very good business, I declined, saying that the rest of the dish would be quite filling and anyhow we were splitting dessert (chocolate lava cake $12.) which was generously sized, with lots of liquid chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Unfortunately, the cake itself was very dry.  Nevertheless, it got gone in record time. 

To guard against the possibility of stomach distress, we shared a couple of splits of Zonin sparkling prosecco.   That and champagne are well- known as "Rich Man's Alka-Seltzer."

To Be Continued  - if one of us can find the receipt for the funky bar we went to afterward.

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