Thursday, May 12, 2016

Settling the Immigration Issue

Of late (and before late) we have all become accustomed to the push me/pull you give and take of admission of others to this country.  A basic fact is:  if you take the time to enter this country legally, following all of the rules and regulations, you are literally home free and many of us remark that's exactly what our parents or grandparents did.  If, on the other hand you're in a hurry and crash the gates (so to speak) you are either vilified or adored, depending upon the observer. 

In the fire storm that is today's politics regarding the above, a little-known fact emerges.  And that is the 1952 Immigration, Naturalization and Nationality for Other Purposes Act aka the McCarren Walter Act. 

Specifically it was meant to exclude post WW2 and early Cold War (i.e. commies!) from living here.  These were the halcyon days of the Hollywood Black List, McCarthy hearings and sporadic hunting under the beds for Communists sporting events. 

Later it focused on denying those who were "unlawful, immoral, diseased in any way, or politically radical."  Those that were accepted were "willing and able to assimilate into US economic, social and political structures." 

Truman, a Democrat, vetoed it, but Congress passed it anyhow.  The Democrats have been against this "best way to preserve national security and national interests" ever since. 

By the way the McCarran and Walter who authored the bill are:  Sen. Pat McCarran (D) Nevada and Congressman Francis Walter, (D) Pennsylvania. 

Source:  UWB. edu or Google and take your pick.

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