Tuesday, May 31, 2016

O Tempora O Mores II

Many of us have known the bliss of winter snow activities ... when rosy and flushed and maybe shivering slightly, we came into the house or resort or other shelter for a warming cup of cocoa with or without a marshmallow bobbing lazily on the top.  Hot, sweet, refreshing and then energized to go right back out and do it all again.

Times have certainly changed.

In today's Daily Mail there is an article on the newest club craze in Europe.  People, the article claims, now go to clubs and snort ..... cocoa powder!

Promoters of this bizarre activity claim that snorting cocoa provides an endorphin rush, the epicatechin widens the blood vessels and the magnesium relaxes muscles.  Clubs that look benignly on this practice do not serve alcohol nor allow other, uh, snortables on to the premises.

Comments' writers pointed out that snorting cocoa could give new meaning to the phrase "to brown nose" while others worried about coating their lungs and sinuses with chocolate and the ensuing difficulties thereon with breathing.  One wrote "I guarantee you a trip to the ER." 

I thought so, too.  Call me Old-Fashioned, but I'll have my chocolate in a cup or a candy bar.  As for the mentions by commentators on the efficacy of candy bars as suppositories  - that didn't appeal at all.   Europe can have their new fad.

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