Monday, May 16, 2016

Could You Pleeze Just SHUT Your Lingerie Drawer on Your Way Out?

I don't think of myself as a prude and I seriously doubt that anyone else does either.  However, I do have a limit as to whether or not I wanted to be harangued by sexual theories, first person stories, projections or personal anecdotes along the lines "When I discovered I was a (fill in otherness) on a daily basis.  Clearly SEX is the big topic in this news cycle.  Please, please pedal away ...

The following stories all appeared today - 5-16-16 - in such as the, national newspapers and the front page of the LA Times.

LA Times front page: a story about a born boy, now aged 9, who prefers to present as a girl.  Okay, good for her.  According to her parents (who should be prosecuted for child endangerment for letting their kid tell her story in a national newspaper) she expressed this desire as early as age 3 or 4. 

As alarming as all of the above is (Gothic novel ideas present themselves) I found this more shocking.  Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, medical director of the Center for Transyouth Health and Development said that  doctors at the Childrens' Hospital, LA, saw about 40 transgender and 'gender non-conforming' youths a decade ago.  "Now, she says, "the center sees about 600 transgender patients between the ages of 3 (three) and 25" a year.  I don't think that little kids know or care which sex they are because, at least in an ideal world, kids less than 10 or 11 have no idea of what sex (in the adult sense) actually is.  Color me ignorant and old-fashioned.  But backed up by the expressed opinion by a medical doctor. 

"Successful Penis Transplant!" chirruped national newspapers.

One Thomas Manning, 64, of Halifax, underwent two days of surgeries (total 15 hours) at Mass General Hospital.  He said that he allowed the publicity to show other men that there is help for accident victims and cancer patients.    Good enough, but I don't think they had to include a picture of him in his hospital bed looking cheerful..  Can you picture it when he gets out of the hospital?  "Hey, show me yur new dick!" as he wends his way down the streets of Halifax. 

And, finally - and we were both wondering if there was one, right?

Germany in an attempt to welcome "immigrants" (not stated if illegal or not) has had the German Federal Centre for Health Education put up a Website that helpfully explains - among other things - that porn stars often have undergone breast and penis enlargement and tells the reader not to expect these after-market additions in real life.  Cost to German taxpayers?  94,775 Euros.   Cheap at twice the price if it prevents some poor immigrant from running, crying and disillusioned whimpering, "But, but - she was flat chested!"  from a sex scene, right?

If I had to blame it on someone - Bruce Jenner/Caitlin Jenner, stand up. 

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