Friday, May 6, 2016

The Cardiologist Gets His Close-Up

Richie had a routine appointment with his cardiologist and since he'd be told the results of a recent nuclear treadmill test and blood work, I went along.  This is not as unusual as it may sound -- his previous cardio (now retired) once remarked that he welcomes spouses since they know the patient much better and often are of diagnostic help.  I try to oblige..I snickered and said he'd gained 5 lbs. .

The addition to his office is a 36 in. touch-screen, hung vertically like an eye chart.  By pressing a finger tip to one of the many little pictures on this chart, he can blow up the image to readily-seen dimensions. 

An aorta some 1 x 2 ft. big is quite impressive.  With finger taps and pinches, the doctor can narrow and widen various arteries that feed the heart and heart muscle and add and subtract plaque(s.)  Very helpful and all of that, but I just hope my ob/gyn never gets one.

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