Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Les Fermes De Gally.com

My favorite breed of chicken looks me over.  I am clearly not his favorite breed of human.

 This is the first and so far only time I ever had lunch in the middle of a nursery and garden supply company.  Les Fermes really is one-stop shopping - and, oh!  While you're here, have some lunch!

The restaurant is one of those "living room" places like some coffee houses here.  In this case, the dining room faces a large picture window, but you won't be seeing rolling hills and rushing rivers.  Behind this window is a flock of chickens (!) happily disporting themselves in a living room, too - complete with dining table, a lamp (shade somewhat streaked) and  everyone looked quite content.

The menu is rather limited - "Do you want potatoes or eggs?" Either choice involves cheese - such as batons of a very hard cheddar or melted raclette - or saucisson - prosciutto, ham or pate.  All of the egg dishes arrive boiled in the shell.  I've mentioned this in a previous bulletin.

The usual garden supplies take up a great deal of space ,- nearly  adult trees in pots, bags and bags of fertilizer, massive tables of potted flowers as do the cages of chickens and the odd rabbit - surely as a pet and not a future dinner?

There is a modest supermarket (home grown products) as well as a section where you can buy little hen houses for up to four chickens. 

It rained while we were there and hearing the pounding rain on the metal roof while standing in an aisle with chicken cages on one side and tables of blooming flowers on the other was ...bizarre to say the least.   Still and all, it's an experience not to miss.  Not-Fodor's recommends it.

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