Monday, May 2, 2016

Let the Thumping, Banging and Crashing Begin!

No, we're not holding a NASCAR race in our driveway.

The construction guys have arrived to demolish the '50s wood trim on the front of our house.  This area is directly above the garage roof and the other side of this house wall is our kitchen.  The cats are so far under the bed that it'd cost a hundred dollars to phone them. 

Since the house is stucco-finished, when they get the offending trim down and away, they will chicken wire, stucco, scratch and color match, collect the money due and vanish. 

Our neighbors, Ann and Jim, are in Hawaii enjoying a wedding anniversary and when they return on Friday, they will certainly be surprised at our house. 

And I was just this minute surprised myself - one of the guys hit the kitchen such a lick that the cabinet doors for the china popped open!  And that was with click-latch/child-proof doors!  (Necessary here in Earthquake Country)  The (heavy) Caphalon pots and pans on the rack above the stove were dancing! And clanging loudly.

This is too exciting to miss - headed out to the driveway.  After all, we're paying for this entertainment - and am considering charging them for the psychiatric care the cats are going to need.  The bird is fine - singing away. 

Oops - another cabinet door popped open ...happily it's just the plastic containers storage.

In a noteworthy error, Richie didn't get the car out of the garage before they came.  We are  prisoners.  But Fed Ex can get to us - send food!  Or better still, money.  You might send something we don't like to eat. 

JOKING.  We have everything we need.   

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