Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Something New (to me) in Mexican Food

Since we were in the neighborhood and it was noon, we slipped into Rubio's on Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach.  It's a chain so you may have one near you ...

I ordered the taco with cheese, bacon and grilled shrimp in a sort of chipotle-mayonnaise sauce.  Okay, you say - nothing new about that.

Ah, but:  the construction goes like this:

Take a smallish corn tortilla and put it in a skillet with vegetable oil;  pick it up and cover the raw side with a white, vaguely sour-ish cheese - cotillo? and put it cheese-side down back into the frying pan.  It will brown up nicely.  Put it on a plate, cheese side up.

Cover the cheesed side in sauce, add cooked, chopped thick bacon and the grilled shrimp
Kind of bend the taco over to shelter the filling and serve.

I ate the shrimp and bacon and then peeled off the browned cheese, rolled it into a fat cigar and ate it. 

Maybe a little time consuming, but with a modest amount of prep work, it's just  a question of assemblage. 

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