Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Surcease in Difficult Times - The Dagwood Bumstead Sandwich!

It is ill-advised to comfort one's self with food.  In a modest effort to keep myself from sinking onto the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherries Garcia, I've gotten into inventing sandwiches for myself.   I think of it as "doing a Dagwood," the beloved comic character, famous for building skyscraper-high sandwiches.

Dagwood needed consolation ... from heir to the Bumstead Locomotive company to disinherited when he married a flapper named Blondie Boopadoop.  This was back in the '30s and so at that time began the popularity of Boars Head meats which had been founded in Brooklyn  in 1905 by one Frank Brunkhorst.  The 5th generation of Brunkhorsts runs it today, but HQ are now in Sarasota, FL.

 One of Dagwood's creations was listed - 1.5 lbs worth - and it consisted of:
Three slices of deli bread
Genoa salami
Lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, red onion, deli mustard and lo-fat mayonnaise.

I would consider the above sufficient to sate four guys watching a football game.  Mine is a more delicate appetite so I have been sampling various Boars Head products on a much smaller basis.
Some samples of my modest genius - note that all start with white sandwich bread, crusts trimmed.  The final step in my sandwich construction is to take the flat of your hand and smush the bread flat to match.  This makes for a nice thin sandwich that easily fits in the mouth.  And this is important - who wants to deal with a sandwich so thick that you can't get it in your mouth even if, much like a boa constrictor, we were able to unhinge our jaws? 

Sandwich bread, Horseradish sauce, blackened turkey, slice of cooked bacon
Sandwich bread, Black Forest ham, butter and Colman's mustard
Sandwich bread, Chipotle chicken, Chipotle mayo and a slice of cooked bacon.
Sandwich bread, mortadella, mayonnaise
Sandwich bread, chipotle chicken, sandwich pepperoni, Cajun mayo

The strip of cooked bacon comes from Trader Joe's and requires 20 seconds in the microwave. 
All sauces listed are also Boars Head (and quite tasty.  They aren't kidding around with the chipotle.)

Make yourself a sandwich, grab the potato chips or Fritos, pick up that good book and ignore news broadcasts.  You'll feel better.  And if you're still puckish, check the freezer for the Cherries Garcia...

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