Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Barhopping in Cabo - Day 2

"Didn't take'em long" you say?  You'd be right!  After lunch at The Office, we brought the car back to the hotel and  our parking spot was still there, waiting for us.

Learning that the landmark Giggling Marlin was just down the street and around a corner, we decided to pay a respectful farewell to the rooster.  It seemed only right.

As we got to the sidewalk in front of the hotel, we saw a pair of couples running like hell down the opposite sidewalk.  The gentlemen led by some distance; their ladies squealing and trying to catch up.  A hotel employee pointed at them and said, "They're trying to get back to the cruise ship before it leaves.  If it leaves without them, they're left in Cabo with the clothes they're wearing and whatever cash and credit cards they're carrying.  But:  (he paused dramatically) without their passports -- which means they can't get back to the US."  He thought and added, "Bad situation to be in."

The Giggling Marlin was empty except for us and five or six waiters and two bartenders.  We sat down and looked around, sipping our Pacificos.  I pointed out the kitchen counter the rooster used to strut across and we all lifted our glasses in silent toast.

For want of anything else to see, I perused the drink menu and found the "Skip and Go Naked" which is composed of:
banana lliquor and creme de coconut.  If you are able to drink four of them in 30 minutes, they will add your name to their Wall of Shame.  It was an offer that all of us found easy to turn down.  But I really liked the happy-go-lucky name of the thing.  

Suddenly through the door burst a group of maybe 10 young people, who headed straight for the back of the room to the photo opp.  One at a time participants lie down on a rug on the floor and hold their legs up.  Padded ankle binders are clapped on, the attached rope is pulled by a strong man who lifts the person up like a prize marlin.  

The poser is given a shot of tequila, slams it down - photos! - and then is returned gently to the floor.  Cell phones flashed as the others took copious photos and then, as one, they whirled, bounded through the bar and were gone only to be replaced 10 minutes later with another group who did the same thing.

It turns out they were on a scavenger hunt.  It was also clear that they'd been drinking.  So I asked,"Raffish" if a person could still vomit despite being upside down.  The good doctor grinned and said, "You can pretty much vomit from any position" ending my curiosity -- and any appetite. 

The show was over so we returned to the street, but had to stop at The Jungle which advertised "$1 Beers!"  Naturally, as we are all rather frugal, we couldn't pass up this God-given chance to save a little money.  We sat at the open-air bar and looked around.  Souvenir shops galore and another bar/restaurant across the space.  The Tecates were in cans and icy cold.  We decided we should save even more money and called the bartender over.

Later, much later, we went back to the Crazy Lobster for $11 lobster dinners and then teetered back down the street to the hotel and bed. 

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